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Okinawa Heiwadori (平和通)

In Japan, many cities have ally ways that have been shut down to vehicle traffic for the most part, often covered in a roof and completely lined with shops and restaurants. Okinawa was no different. Heiwadori is such a place and is located in Naha city not fat from the airport. There you will always find interesting things for sale.

Heiwadori Entrance

Heiwadori Bear Entrance

This is what the entrance looks like from the main street.

Heiwadori 01

Once you go in a little further, this is what you will find.

Heiwadori Fish Market 01

Heiwadori Fish Market 02

Okinawa has an interesting and colorful variety of fish on sale.

Pig head

You can even buy a pig’s head if you like. Pork is a very popular dish in Okinawa.

Heiwadori snakes

You can even buy snakes in Okinawa.

Snake Sake 01

Snake Sake 02

In Okinawa, you see a lot of snakes in sake jars.

Sweet potato tarts

Sweet potato tarts are also very popular in Okinawa. Here is a shop that makes them fresh, in house.

Makishi Station

Makishi Station

Makishi Station Shisa

Giant Shisa in front of Makishi Station. Shisa is a half lion, half dog creature that is a part of Okinawa culture. You can find them in almost every gift shop. In Okinawa culture, you will always find them in pairs. Usually at both sides of the entrance to a building or street way. One will always has it’s mouth open and the other will always has it’s mouth closed. The one with it’s mouth open is said to ward off evil spirits while the one with the mouth closed keeps the good ones in.

Heiwadori Shisa

Shisa in front of a store.


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